“Delicious chocolates”.

Delicious chocolates! Do you want one?
Drawing, water color pencil, Tania T M de Castro, SP, Brazil, 2014.

About Tania Tome M de Castro

My name is Tânia and I am a physicist and Full Professor at University of São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. *** I Like: Fine Arts; Artwork; Brazil; Science & Physics *** >> My two blogs "ARt BRAZIL_Tania" and "The magical world of Tania Tome - Brazilian Arts & Others" concern the paintings, handicrafts and other artistic expressions. My paintings are posted in my blog "ARt BRAZIL_Tania" and I hope to always have some opinions from blog readers about these paintings. I hope to know what I give with my paintings and try to improve my work in the arts. My paintings are a delightful diversion for me. I make them in my spare time and of course I'm an amateur. In fact my professional work is in physics. Also in this blog but much more in my other blog "The magical world of Tania Tome - Brazilian Arts & Others" I comment on paintings and handicrafts of other artists. In the case of the handicrafts I stick to what is done in Brazil. I also show some photographs of landscapes, vegetation, beautiful beaches and places of Brazil. My other two blogs are about physics and related subjects. These are: "TaniaTome_Fisica_Brasil" and " The beautiful world of Physics _ Tania_Brazil". The first is in Portuguese and the second in English. They concern the development and dissemination of physics! I'll talk a lot of irreversible systems and also interdiscplinares problems treated by statistical physics.
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